Tech Support

Common Technology Issues 

1) Error message in Moodle: This usually occurs when Moodle has been open too long. Log out and close Moodle. Close down and refresh your browser. Then log back into Moodle.

2) Content in Moodle or PLATO isn't showing up: We recommend that you use Chrome for our learning platforms. If using Chrome doesn't solve the issue, try Firefox.

3) Password Resets: Please use the district password reset function. Click HERE to access this service.

4) I need Office 365: Office 365 is offered to students of DCSD free of charge. If you need to download Office 365 click HERE.

5) My video and audio aren't working when I log in to Zoom for my VC: Make sure you choose to "use the computer audio" option when you log in to your class.

6) Problem with .swf files in my foreign language class:  You must use Firefox for your foreign language class.  To fix the .swf file problem, download and/or update your Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave players.  Then run a restart on your computer.  Now the video content should run instead of downloading.  

If you need further technical assistance, please contact Ms. Payne at