Wednesday, January 21st, 2009...10:24 pm

Farwell to State’s Online Review Commission.

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Farewell to online review commission

What does this mean to eDCSD? ….

Senate Education also agreed to let the On-Line Advisory Board go out of business on June 30.

The commission was created by the 2007 legislature during a debate over operational and regulatory problems with online education programs. It made recommendations that later were adopted as regulations by the State Board.

The advisory board was created with an expiration date under Colorado’s Sunset law, and the legislature has to override an expiration for an agency. The committee decided not to do that. The department wants to continue getting outside advice through the use of ad hoc advisory groups. CDE Unit of Online Learning

Every year eDCSD will need to apply to CDE for approval as an online school.  Yes, that means accountability and that is a good thing for all schools!

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