Friday, May 22nd, 2009...2:54 pm

Graduation Sentiments

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Immersed in all that is graduation this week, attending numerous ceremonies these words continue to replay in my thoughts…

Leadership, Pride, Character, Gratitude, Integrity, Tolerance, Friendship, Courage, Compassion

Not off key notes… sweating brows… nor rain storms…. will ever over shadow the essence of graduation. A celebration of friendships, of accomplishments, of integrity of character.   A journey filled with support and safety nets, out reached hands and open arms simultaneously ends and begins with this single event.

I continue to be touched by the genuine appreciation both students and staff express for one other; reflecting upon the “teaching moments” shared by both.  Graduates and staff alike memorialize struggles and accomplishments through laughter and tears.

Parents are washed with emotions as the slide show of their child’s life plays in their heads – first step, first word, first pedals on a bike, first day of school, first final, first school dance…. and today the first day of their journey into adulthood.

As I watch previous students and friends, I wish to give them and all 2009 graduates these words:

… Face challenges with courage.

… Remember to be grateful for the small things.

… Stay true to your dreams.

… Remain curious.

… Greet each day with love and compassion.

… Remember that character is built by what you do, what you say and who you are – not what you have.

…. Believe in yourself.

I am amazed by you all.  You touch my heart.

I am proud of you!

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