Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009...11:34 pm

Where We’ve Come From… Where We’re Going

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When Douglas County’s Online School, eDCSD, was conceived, it was done so in the spirit of teaching and learning. We knew that teacher instruction and differentiation were important; that relationships and teacher student rapport was critical; that content needed to be engaging and authentic; that the classroom needed to be innovative, creative and constructivist in nature.

We created courses, trained teachers and selected an LMS with these values in mind. We began to apply the theory quickly realizing some of our tools fell short of the goal. We amended, modified and improved all communication tools.

And now as we wrap up the school year and prepare for our next endeavors, we reteach. However, this time, the teachers are the students actively engaged in a remarkable course called Best Practices for Online Teaching and Learning. Participants are immersed in the tools their students will utilize. They are applying a multitude of fascinating web 2.0 technologies designed to inspire, intrigue and hook the learner…. not to mention prepare them for their future.

Ahhh, the places we will go!

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