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TIE 2009 Keynote

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Dr. Tim Tyson…

Wow! What an inspiration…. and what affirmation that eDCSD is right on track!

One of our key phrases at eDCSD is, “Participation is Key!”.  Dr. Tyson shared movies made by middle school students illustrating the power of authentic learning environments, self-directed students, project based instruction, problem-solving, collaboration, relevancy and certainly the use of technology.  Students chose topics of interest to them… large topics like stem-cell research, and transplant recipients… issues and ideals that extend much beyond the classroom.

These students certainly took ownership of their own learning.

At eDCSD we often talk about narrowing the gap between how students “live” and how student “go to school.”
An excerpt from the eDCSD Vision….
“Our vision is to create a community of learners where the walls of the school may be virtual, but the relationships are real.  eDCSD is founded on a student-centered belief that learning environments should be authentic—filled with relevancy, connectedness, collaboration, forward-thinking, and continuous conversations.  Such environments empower students to actively hone skills in critical thinking, leadership, ethics and self-motivation.”

“Within our learning community students will stay connected socially. They will research and create. They will collaborate, problem-solve and support one another where all learners have an equal voice; where individual potential is honored; where responsible citizenship is fostered as we learn today and lead tomorrow.”

Dr. Tyson is visionary in his efforts to push all of us to change our perspective, to accept the gift the techological age has brought forth, and to truly live in the most magical and influencial educational time.

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