Monday, February 28th, 2011...3:43 pm

High School Honor Roll

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Congratulations goes out to the following students who earned their spot on the Honor Roll for the Fall Semester:

Elite Honors – 4.0 or above:

Jeremy Cahill

Jenna Carara

Alec Head

Kelcey Howell

Nicholas Howell

Stephanie Kadlec

Christopher Larson

Sarah Linder

Katey Nyquist

Garret Ohashi

Jeanette Pollock

Phoebe Schneider

Kendall Turner

Lauren vonClausburg

Anthony Wada

Deanna Zarei

Ruoqi Zhou

High Honors – 3.75-3.99:

Kelli Earnest

Benjamin Hutchinson

Madelaine Mills

Steven Trummer

High Honors3.5-3.74

Alea Gardner

Cody Hartman

Kristen Miller

Madeline Parde

Kelli Sandberg

Corinne Sasine

Paul Ton

Benjamin Woods

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