Friday, February 10th, 2012...1:45 pm

Principal’s Message

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Hello Friends,
The last quarter encompassed times of renewal and refocus along with tremendous student achievement. Families, students and staff engaged in times of thanks and giving. In that spirit I’d like to personally thank each of you for your continued commitment to individual growth and achievement. Parents are developing skills as the “learning coach” supporting and guiding their children as they navigate the online learning environment. Students gain confidence while building assets in self-advocacy, time management, problem-solving and self-discipline. Staff continuously strive to assess student learning, adjust instruction meet each child where they are in their individual achievement.

I am excited to share some highlights from our student survey.  Of the students who responded:

  • 81%  feel they belong at this school
  • 95% believe their teachers care about them
  • 84% are excited about learning
  • 100% feel safe when logged into  CO Cyber School
  • 84% know how to respond when being bullied or intimidated
  • 96% know what their teachers expect of them
  • 96% are comfortable using current technology
  • 98% have support for learning at home
  • 95% believe their teachers grade fairly
  • 96% believe adults promote good character and ethical behavior

What we need to improve…

  • 38% believe they are not recognized for their success at school
  • 43% believe their teachers do not provide regular feedback
  • 22% believe they are not challenged to learn new ideas
  • 16% don’t believe they have the skills to influence others in a positive way

At Colorado Cyber we continuously strive to improve, reaching each learner individually, developing unique and flexible educational pathways. We simply cannot be effective without the input of our community. Thank you students who responded. The parent survey will launch in April so be looking for that.

As we respond to our learners needs, we seek out evidence-based programming and interventions. We are fortunate to have an opportunity to bring one such program to our school – Sources of Strength. More information will be forth coming, however feel free to read more at

Finally, please remember that our Standardized testing window is drawing near. As you know, the state utilizes the results of these tests to build a school performance framework resulting in a rating for Colorado Cyber. It is most important that your students are in attendance for these assessments.

3rd Grade Reading – February 15, 16 @ Cantril Bldg in Caslte Rock
Elementary (grades 3-5) – March 6, 7, 8 @ DC Oakes in Castle Rock
Secondary (grades 6-10) – March 13, 14, 15 @ DC Oakes in Castle Rock
Make Ups – March 20, 21, 22 @ DC Oakes in Castle Rock

Sohne S. Van Selus

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