Full Time Enrollment

Enrollment Process

eDCSD is no longer accepting out-of-district students.

All in-district students wishing to enroll at eDCSD:

1) Begin by working with your counselor at your brick and mortar school to submit an Admin Transfer Request
2) Please complete the Counselor Recommendation Form.  This must be completed prior to your scheduled interview time.
3) The Learning Coach will contact you with instructions for completing your Own It! Profile.  
4) Complete your Own It! Profile.  This may take up to 8 hours to complete.
5) Attend Yeti Camp
6) Interview with the Principal or Assistant Principal

Mailing Address:
312 Cantril St
Castle Rock CO 80104

Fax number:

Email address:

Enrollment Deadlines

Quarter 1: August 16, 2017
Quarter 2: October 20, 2017
Quarter 3: January 12, 2018
Quarter 4: March 30, 2018

*All paperwork must be submitted by 3:00 pm on the deadline day!

**Note: Submission of enrollment packet does not constitute admission to eDCSD.