High School Course Information

Colorado Cyber offers quality online education for K-12 students in Colorado. The following information is a summary of what your child can experience in our courses. Go to our course guide for more details on Colorado Cyber curriculum.

Mathematics – High school students have a wide variety of mathematics courses to choose from. They include algebra I, algebra II, geometry, and our newest courses, trig/pre-calculus and consumer math.

Science – Students explore the many wonders of the world through Colorado Cyber science classes. The classes high school students can take are biology, chemistry, physical science and Earth science.

Science Modules – High school science modules combine science and technology like our bio-technology module or introduce students to the basic anatomy and physiology of a sports-related injury like our sports medicine module. Other modules students can choose from are emerging genetics and forensics.

Language Arts – The wide variety of language arts courses offered to Colorado Cyber high school students can help them transition into high school, prepare for college, open their minds to literary classics and more. Courses available for students to take are English I, English II, English III (American literature), English IV (British literature), AP literature and composition, and creative writing.

Social Studies – Students can receive a well-rounded online education through the Colorado Cyber social studies courses. The courses offered include world civilizations, world geography, American history 1865 – 1945, American history 1945 – present, world history, U.S. government, economics and psychology.

World Languages – Foreign languages are becoming increasingly important for students who want to find their place in today’s global market. Colorado Cyber high school students can participate in the following world language courses: AP French, Chinese I, Chinese II, Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, French I and French II.

Electives Colorado Cyber has a number of elective courses that can enhance students’ comprehensive education.  


DCSD Career and Technical Education Offerings -- Douglas County School District students acquire the knowledge,skills, and dispositions to be responsible citizens who contribute to our society.


  1. Students are able to think critically, creatively, and reflectively.
  2. Students apply what they have learned. They go beyond merely knowing to using their knowledge and skills productively.
  3. Students explore chosen areas beyond the liberal arts foundation that may expand future opportunities, such as:
    • Career and technical education
    • Internships
    • Post-secondary options


Other District CTE Offerings

Application for both types of CTE Offerings

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