High School Graduation Policy

From Board of Education policy IKF-R-1:

1. To receive a diploma and graduate from a Douglas County high school, a student must earn a minimum of 24 credits. A student attending a Douglas County school using an accelerated block schedule must earn a minimum of 26.5 credits. One credit (1.0) is equal to one course lasting the full year. One-half credit (0.5) is equal to one course lasting one-half year.

The 24 credits must include the following::

  • Language Arts (4.0) – Four English credits.* (sophomore reading/literature/writing course must be completed prior to taking additional ELA courses)
  • Social Studies (3.0) – Three  social studies credits.* The required credits include: 1.0 credit of American history or world history and 0.5 credit of U.S. government
  • Mathematics (3.0) – Three math credits, one of which must be algebra I or a higher level of math. The district algebra I end-of-course exam is a part of the final algebra I grade.*
  • Science (3.0) – Three science credits.*
  • Practical Arts (1.0) – Practical arts courses are found in the subject areas of computers; levels III, IV and V of world languages; and career and technical education courses. (Courses are taken at T.H. Pickens Technical Center and the Arapahoe/Douglas Career & Technical School [ACTS]).
  • Fine Arts (1.0) – Fine arts courses are found in the subject areas of art; levels III, IV and V of world languages; music (instrumental or vocal); Broadway dance; and theater arts.
  • Physical Education (1.0) – Credit of health can be used to meet one-half of this requirement.
  • Elective Credits (8.0) – General elective courses

Document a minimum of 20 hours of community service while enrolled as a high school student.

* To earn credit in a class, students must demonstrate proficiency on the content standards embedded in the course. Documentation that these standards have been achieved will be through teacher judgment based on district assessments and end-of-course tests or other measurements, as well as by students meeting other stipulated course expectations. Students who do not achieve these standards will be enrolled in courses or programs as prescribed by the school principal and faculty.

Middle school students may earn up to 4 credits prior to entering.