High School Testimonials

Parker Chronicle Article - eDCSD: CO Cyber's First Official Graduation Class - Read the article Here.

“Easy communication, more collaboration between students and teachers.”  (Parent of Colorado Cyber student)

“I love taking online classes. ... It's nice to be able to complete a course on my time rather than the 7:20 to 2:30 schedule at school.” (Colorado Cyber student)

“[My daughter] likes having the ability to concentrate here and get her work done, not having someone trying to engage her in distractions, and getting away from the ‘drama’ of her traditional school. I think she also likes being able to manage her own time (something she was not excelling at before) and make her own decisions about what class to attend at any given time in her day. One of the other benefits of online education is that she truly has to seek out the knowledge more independently, and I think we have both been surprised at how capable she has been at this skill.” (Parent of Colorado Cyber student)