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Welcome to Colorado Cyber, a statewide K-12 cyber school that is offered by Douglas County School District to any student who resides in Colorado.

We are the best kept secret in Douglas County School District!

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At eDSCD, we understand that not all students thrive in a traditional public school because not all students learn the same way. Colorado Cyber uses cutting edge technology, high-quality curriculum and a dedicated group of certified teachers to offer a terrific online school option for students looking to reach their full potential.

In the Douglas County School District – one of the highest-achieving districts in Colorado – we’ve created a new approach to education. Students enrolled in Colorado Cyber can learn at any time and at their own pace, while also having access to support, feedback and guidance throughout their online experience.. This highly interactive K-12 online school encompasses communication, collaboration and feedback.

eDSCD uses a combination of the nation’s leading online curriculums used by thousands of students across the country, that are high-tech, high-touch comprehensive learning packages offering flexible, dynamic and adventurous learning opportunities for students including: Fuel Education, eDynamic Learning, and Connections Learning.

Colorado Cyber: Elements of learning

  • Colorado Cyber is full-time public school program where students can learn from home.
  • Students study the same curriculum covered in traditional brick and mortar schools with innovative tools and technology for increased engagement
  • Colorado Cyber learners participate online with other students
  • Classes are taught by highly qualified teachers who provide guidance and feedback
  • Class sizes are the same as brick-and-mortar classrooms

Tailored Learning Environments.

  • Mentored:
    • Contains synchronous (live) instruction in a virtual classroom provided by a Colorado-certified instructor
    • Provides “regular” student to teacher interaction Offers low student to teacher ratio Includes collaborative learning opportunities
    • Contains differentiated instruction and assessments provided by teachers
    • Offers students and parents regular updates on grades and missing assignments via Infinite Campus
  • Independent:
    • Offers asynchronous instruction to students who need additional flexibility with their school schedules
    • Provides suggested pacing guide for course completion
    • Requires students to complete courses within the 9-week quarters
    • Provides opportunities for interventions suggestion suggested by the Academic Advisors/Counselors
    • Offers students and parents the opportunity to view grades through Infinite Campus
  • Blended Program:
    • Offers face to face instruction that mirrors Mentored synchronous learning Virtual Classrooms
    • Offers face to face study hall supported by certified teachers and coaches
    • Offers opportunities for students to interact with teachers, peers and community professionals
    • Offers opportunities for hands on experiential learning

    Colorado Cyber combines online and traditional learning modalities to fit students’ needs and outside demands. Students enrolled in Colorado Cyber can also choose face-to-face classes at a local school and meet other Colorado Cyber learners and their families in field trips and other educational environments.

    This new model of learning blends the best of traditional schooling and new technology to inspire, empower and develop each student’s well-rounded education. Colorado Cyber meets accreditation standards, as well as guidelines created by the state of Colorado and the Douglas County School District.

    Why online education?

    Students today lead lives that revolve around technology. They are often adept navigators of the tools that make the worldwide spread of information possible.

    This technology also allows students to become engaged in their own education in a new way. The same core and elective subjects are taught at eDCSD, but students can experience a new ownership of what they learn.

    Online education also offers greater flexibility than traditional schools. Colorado Cyber can meet a wide variety of student needs and situations whether they are seeking accelerated courses, expanded curriculum options, alternative education, credit recovery, special education, or simply to learn from the safety of their own home.

    Many students and parents find these features of online education to be the most beneficial:

    • The ability to combine online and traditional classroom learning to fit a student’s unique needs
    • Scheduling flexibility so students can design their own school day
    • The chance to study and learn from anywhere

    With online education, Colorado Cyber is offering families another option for their children. Whether you are interested in an online elementary school, online middle school or an online high school in Colorado, we are confident that your child can thrive in our quality programs.

    Explore more about how Colorado Cyber can engage and motivate students to take learning in a new direction!


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